Top Ten Video Contest Finalist!

Awesome news – just got an email that picked my video as one of the ten finalists. They had me clean up a couple things and make sure the title was changed to “infolinks – a smarter way to make money online” and just extend the title card of their website at the end of the video, so I did that this morning.

The COOLEST part is how they are deciding the winner – they are showing the infolinks employees the top ten and then leaving them to do an open vote to choose their favorite! I LOVE that idea, it’s an actual popular vote, that’s legit, and isn’t based on me or anyone else harassing their friends non-stop to vote (speaking of which, don’t forget to help send me to Tahiti!). Then they pick their top 3 and viola, we have winners. I think I stand a really good chance based on the other entries I see, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed and will keep checking their blog to see what happens.

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