Indian Rodney Dangerfield – First Contest Entry

So I still hadn’t received any video submissions for my Rodney Dangerfield impersonation contest, so I decided I’d have Prathap, my Indian Personal Assistant, make one for me. So I guess I actually paid for this entry myself, but I’m really happy with it. First, watch and enjoy.

So I wrote the jokes with my brother and sent them over. Prathap was awesome, cast 2 separate people in the role and had them audition, and then I chose the person you see here – Kirin – as the best one.

There were a couple jokes that didn’t quite translate so they got edited out. For example:

“I don’t get no respect – yesterday I had to tell a guy in Wyoming, “I’m sorry, I do not understand”  6 times before I could get him to hang up on me.”

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with their performance. The “Detroit” joke and the “no one wants to move my fat sister because they think she’s sacred” are by far my favorites.

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