The Most Memorable Person I’ve Ever Slept With Contest

Yes. This is a real contest. And I’m happy to say that I married the most memorable person I’ve ever slept with. She tells me I’m the most memorable person she’s ever slept with, too. And I am smart enough not to dig any deeper after getting the answer I wanted to that question.

So since my wife had a day off work today, and since I was sitting around the house looking for stuff to enter – I showed her this contest, we brainstormed a few ideas, and viola -the masterpiece you see before you. Also, her acting is spectacular.

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(Just in case the link doesn’t work, visit Sexy, Smart and Adventurous)

The contest ends on the 18th and there aren’t a ton of other entries, and I feel pretty confident that we really went above and beyond to capture the sexiest moments ever recorded on screen. “From here to eternity” can eat my very short pink shorts.

PS – the joke I’m happiest with is “soldier.” That shit makes me laugh every time.

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