Me and My New headshot

Me and My New headshot

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I had an audition today for the first time in a very long and since the only headshot I had was a really old one of me clean-shaven with short hair, I thought I’d better freshen it up. My wife, who is excellent with a permanent marker, took care of the beard and hair and brought the whole Bee Gee’s look to life.

Then I went in and sang my song, “(feel the wrath of me) Adequate Penis.” It went pretty well. Usually these auditions have you read some shitty line that isn’t funny in the first place, AND that the people have heard 50 times already that day. So getting to talk about my penis for a full 3.5 minutes was really lovely.

Now I just have to wait and hear. If I end up on FOX television, I’ll let you know.

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