Me and Prathap in Bangalore

After months of having a fantastic time sending silly and occasionally useful tasks to my online, outsourced, Indian personal assistant, Prathap, I was so excited that during our trip to India, I was able to meet him.

This is our hotel in Bangalore, and Prathap brought around another friend of his from the office. They work from 10 pm to 8 am because they have to work on an American west coast schedule, so right after work they came over and we had some breakfast together. We talked about:

a) How nice Bangalore was.
b) The history of India
c) Other parts of India, including where Prathap came from originally.
d) Panchakarma (the cleansing/relaxing/massaging thing my wife and I went there for and spent 3 weeks enjoying)
e) How big Bangalore has gotten in the past ten years.
f) Martial arts.
g) Calcutta
h) Traffic
i) How great a boss I am.

They also brought flowers, and told me that I was the first one from who has made the trip to Bangalore to meet my assistant in person, so that’s pretty kickass.

I haven’t been able to think of any good tasks for them recently, so I’ve slowed down with my hours, so if you think of anything you need done, let me know.

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  1. I have definitely had the pleasure (read: the awesomest of awesome) of a call from Prethap, who reminded me that I cannot escape the zeitgeist.

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