Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | April 19, 2010

Yes, I do need a king of england costume

No sweeter words to this contest enterer than “costume shop going out of
business.” Before, I would describe my costume collection as “solid.” After
today, its gonna be “impressive” bordering on “creepy as fuck.”


Okay, when I got to the counter, this king george style thing which is normally 800, was only 200, but still, that was more than I wanted to spend on any single item. I DID however, get a couple hundred dollars worth of THE MOST AMAZING COSTUMES FUCKING EVER, most of which will be on display in soon-to-be-upcoming video contest entries. Right now they are at the dry cleaner. This is gonna be great.

If anyone else wants to get to this place before other big costume companies come in and buy from it tomorrow and the next day, it’s at 12320 Venice, called “beautilities” or something.


  1. did you pick something out for the delivery room? Maybe the vagina?

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