Rulemaking Matters – The EPA’s Federal Rule Making Process

So me and my buddy Zach (MC Mr. Napkins) had a fun time filming the video – the whole point is, it’s up to all of us to give our opinions and help in the government’s rule-making process.

(I’m pretty excited because I finally figured out how to upload a high quality version of a video, so I hope you watch in HD or whatevers)

Now, you might not believe it, but this contest, hosted by the EPA, has been a major source of controversy in the world of us Video Contest folks. For some reason, a lot of the ol’ tea party folks around the country have decided that it constitutes a major flashpoint and ideal subject for arguing over. I guess the issue of whether the government is right in using $2500 of its advertising budget to sponsor a contest about “the role of citizens in rule-making,” is a little controversial?

What’s crazy about it is a few parts:

1) It’s basically a 4th grade assignment, “what is a citizens role in a democracy,” and the idea of people getting so mad about it is really silly.

2) Rules made by the EPA are pretty good things. I’m super glad that there are rules prohibiting dumping of toxic wastes into my drinking water, limiting the pollutants going into the air, enforcing standards of quality, etc. The role of a government is to protect it’s people, and that means more than just an army – that means standing up for us as consumers and air-breathers, too!

Anyway, hope you enjoy and that you take part in the rule making process!

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