Sir Happyjoel the Dragonslayer (in Full Chain Mail)

Real Chain Mail.

That’s right, it came in the mail today, and now I own it and this is a picture of me wearing it which I played with in iPhoto so it would look like a painting so you know what it would look like if I lived in the 800’s and you were preparing to do battle with me. THAT’S what I would look like.

Still interested, motherfucker? You still wanna do battle with this? Good luck. What have you got, fists? A sword? Bow and Arrow? Good luck getting that shit through my REAL LIVE FUCKING CHAIN MAIL!


Want me to hold a lance? I don’t need to, I dismounted hours ago to feast. You wanna see my lance? Go ask my page, mother fucker. I’m off the clock. I’m ’bout done rescuing maidens and slaying dragons, but I’ve still got enough energy left to mace your ass.

Chain mail.

(Thanks to Andrew Dresher for sending it to me!!)

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