The New Turtle Wax Jingle

If you read yesterday’s post, you will have seen that, thanks to my pal Andrew Dresher (who I worked with on the taxslayer reshoot) I was lucky enough to get a whole set of actual chain mail. It apparently was left over from the shoot, and he said, “you seem like the kind of guy who might like it.” He couldn’t have been more correct. The coolest part is that it didn’t cost much to ship, because the post office has the standard rate box, so even though it is 40 POUNDS OF METAL it was easy to get.

Now, since I got it, I thought – okay, I’ve got this turtle wax jingle done, I just need to film the video. The entries are all pretty simple looking, they seem to be more interested in the music – I’ll just throw this awesome thing on because chain mail is loosely related to turtle wax (shiny, protective coating, etc.) and film my entry.

(If you want to see it on it’s natural habitat and take the time to log in with your facebook account and vote for it, feel free. It not, just watch below!)

I choreographed that whole thing myself, thank you very much. Then I went to see Robin Hood. If I had seen Robin Hood first, I would have known that you wear clothes OVER the chest area, leaving the arms and head in the chain mail. Instead, I’m dressed here in a white t-shirt that is riding up, a red speedo, and my terrycloth wrap. Hope it wins!

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