Somehow, the Urbine wasn’t deemed “World Changing” enough.

Just got word from Audi that my “Urbine – a urine based urinal turbine” wasn’t quite up to scratch for the Audi contest to change the way we live with a new technological advance. Alas, looks like I’ll just be pishing on regular ol’ toilet cakes for the foreseeable future.

Here’s what they had to say:

Dear Joel,

Thank you for participating in The Tony Stark Innovation Challenge
presented by Stark Expo and Audi of America, Inc.  We were truly
impressed by the caliber of ideas shared by the community, and
your submission certainly ranked high, among the best.

While your video undoubtedly expressed bold-thinking demonstrating
the “better living through technology” philosophy, regrettably,
we have granted two other entrants the top prizes.  The decision
was difficult as many ideas showed the potential to change the
world as we now know it.

We thank you again for pushing the envelope of innovation and
fearlessly pursuing your passions.  We encourage you to continue
to challenge convention, take risks, and strive for progress every
day.  After all, we believe the world belongs to the brave.

To your continued journey,

The Stark Expo and Audi of America, Inc

It’s actually a pretty respectable letter considering my invention was a thing for peeing on.

Now Check out the winning video – it’s pretty impressive, and I’m totally cool with losing to this dude:

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