A costume closet fit for a king. Or clown. Or penguin. Or astronaut.

Finally! The best part of this new apartment my wife and I have moved into – the closet space! Finally my costumes can all have their own homes on hangars!

From right to left:
Jean Jacket
Old Fashioned Doctor
New Fangled Doctor
18th century cape
Evil Tree
Future Man (or nuclear decontamination specialist)
White 1-piece Elvis jumpsuit
Shakespearian Actor
Roman Soldier
Roman Senator
Cowboy (with chaps!)
Blue 2-piece Elvis jumpsuit
Court Jester
Brown Robin Hood Style
Green Robin Hood Style
All rubber 2-piece suit
Green Felt Tuxedo
Beige Tux with Tails
Grey Dr. Evil Style Suit
White Suit
Pink Suit
Red Suit

Plus, all my armor, swords and battle ax, tons of props, and of course the hats which cannot all be pictured until I get a hat rack (turban, crown, legionnaire, knight and fez hats pictured.)

And there was still room for 6 regular shirts in the upper left hand corner!

Hooray new apartments!

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