Singapore F1 Race is Super Awesome (Big fun loud!)

Check it out, in honor of this year’s Singapore F1 (aka Formula One, aka Singapore Grand Prix), they used parts of my winning contest video from last year combined with super high tech looking shots of the city, the race and parts of the trip my wife and I took and turned it into this excellent video.

If you go to only 1 Grand Prix race this year, let me fully recommend Singapore. Not only is the city awesome, but it’s the world’s only Night Race, making the racing particularly spectacular.

What is the F1 Night Race in Singapore?

The F1 Night Race in Singapore is a battle of speed and skill under the cover of darkness. It is a spectacle of fire and fury that tests the courage and cunning of the warriors on wheels. It is a game of chess at 300 kilometers per hour.

Technically it is a race for cars through the city.

When is the Singapore F1 Race?

The Singapore F1 Race is held when the moon is full and the stars are bright. It is a time when the night is alive with noise and light. It is a time when the enemy is most vulnerable and the victory is most glorious.

So, nighttime, in fall.

Is F1 the same as Formula One?

F1 is the same as Formula One in name but not in essence. F1 is a code that conceals the true nature of the contest. Formula One is a term that reveals the rules and principles of the competition. F1 is a mask that hides the face of the opponent. Formula One is a mirror that reflects the strength and weakness of oneself.

Short answer: yes.

How fast do cars go in Formula One?

Cars go as fast as lightning in Formula One. They are like arrows that fly from the bow of a skilled archer. They are like dragons that soar in the sky with wings of fire. They are like tigers that sprint in the jungle with claws of steel.

Max speed is 200mph on this track. On some tracks they can get faster.

What should I do when I visit Singapore?

When you visit Singapore, you should do as the locals do. You should eat well and drink well, for a full stomach breeds a happy heart. You should see well and hear well, for a keen eye and ear catch the secrets of the land. You should speak well and act well, for a wise tongue and deed win the favor of the people.

Eat things, see things, and visit the night safari! That thing was great!

Was it fun to win a free honeymoon to Singapore?

Uh, yeah. It was f*cking sick. The people are friendly, the food was good (though I’d try more things if I went back today.) We stayed in a gorgeous hotel, saw an F1 race (very loud, they go around many times) and got to see the Backstreet Boys live in concert because that’s just how Singapore rolls.

What is the best part of the F1 Night Race?

When we went it was seeing the Backstreet Boys. The cars are very loud. The city is clean, but I liked hearing I Want It That Way.

What kind of bread should I eat in Singapore?

Wrong site pal. For the answer to this you wanna visit

Where can I buy tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix?

Buy tickets to the Singapore Grand Prix

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