Cash America Pawn Shops – Super Rap Entry

This is my friend Zach. He and I went to camp together. While all the other kids listened to Dave Matthews and Phish, he listened to Naughty By Nature. Now he does comedy rap for a living. We have worked on entries to contests before, and this one is for Cash America pawn shops. I did the music and stood behind the camera, and Zach did all the words and the in front of the camera stuff. The quality got rendered down really low when it uploaded, but I’m happy enough with it.

Cash America – Deals So Good They Cause Mass Hysteria

This contest allows voting, so I’m putting it up, but voting can only account for up to like 12 percent of the score, so hopefully even if we aren’t the top vote getters, they will be happy with the entry. Look how hard he’s rapping, afterall!

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