Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | June 1, 2011

The Coupon Don – Idol Contest

My buddy Zach (aka MC Mr. Napkins) have been working hard at putting together a bunch of video entries within the past couple weeks. In part because we hit a nice stride, but also because I’m moving and wanted to get a bunch of things up before I take a little hiatus to unpack.

To that end, when I was thinking about the “ShopAtHome.Com” video contest, I got excited that “Coupon” rhymed with “Don” and proceeded to drop this beat. Napkins came in and rocked the rest. What we have is coupon-music related history.


  1. […] video. Though folks familiar with my site might be disappointed to not hear him rapping about Coupon Websites or a great deal on tires, I promise that if you relax and enjoy his work for what it is, you will […]

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