Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | August 4, 2011

Can I Dance my way to $10K?

I certainly tried, in this compelling 20 second video. This is the first video I made in Yellow Springs, Ohio that’s up for a vote, so I’m very hopeful that Yellow Springs will prove to be good luck.

(Ladies from the Delta Lounge in Minnesota, instructions are below! Thank you so much for your votes!)

Click the picture:

Joel in a leotard dancing.

Click the picture to go to the Hoosier Park website for voting!

1) When you click the picture, it’ll take you to a page that looks just like this “vote for this entry” under the video.

2) It’ll take you to a second page where you can login with facebook (or just “register” if you don’t have a facebook account.)

That’s it! You’ve helped Joel on his way to the grand prize!!!


  1. ok. that was bad. I’m all for low concept, but you phoned that one in.

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