Judge, Joelly and Execute-tioner

Judge Joel by happyjoelmoss
Judge Joel, a photo by happyjoelmoss on Flickr.

I got hired to help film some stuff for lawyers in a courtroom, which comes with three benefits.

1) I got this picture.
2) They’re work stories are far more interesting than most other people’s work stories, and involve a lot more things done “feloniously.”
3) I think they might let me use a courtroom sometime if I can think of the right video contest entry to film in one! Which would be awesome, assuming someone wants their product associated with the criminal justice system.

1 thought on “Judge, Joelly and Execute-tioner”

  1. Hi Joel, this is Charles, we live in the same apartment complex, we met at the BBQ area, I was with the 3 boys, you told us about your videos and we really enjoyed them. I would like to talk to you, could you contact me at 310.433.6022 or cghyder@gmail.com. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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