Finalist in the See Much More Photo Contest

Just got word that we’re one of 25 finalists in the “See Much More” photo contest. I say “we” because though I took this picture, the clear stars are three generations of Pritikins. Randi, her father and Mort. The entry that garners the most votes between now and Nov 18th (and you can vote EVERY SINGLE DAY!) wins $5000 towards a vacation, which, according to the rules is “awarded in the form of a check,” so basically you win a check for $5000. Which is awesome.


1) Click Photo Contest Entry

2) Under the picture click “Submit my Vote”

3) Fill out name, email address and Captcha to submit.

4) Mark your calendar and DO IT AGAIN DAILY PLEASE!!!

I’m also really proud of the picture, but I guess the secret is having a bunch of adorable faces to take pictures of. (That’s right, I even called my father-in-law adorable! If he is uncomfortable the next time I see him, I’ll know it means he read this blog post!)

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