Unboxing Something from B&H Video Contest

The good people at B&H somehow offer better prices on sending camera equipment overnight from New York than buying things right here in Los Angeles – for that reason, I’m on the website frequently, at least fantasizing about things I want. They (brilliantly) held a contest where they called for people to “unbox” new equipment on camera to enter. Everyone I know who makes videos wants things from B&H so giving a reason to go buy something new for the holidays in time to unbox it was just a great way to get people buying their stuff. It’s better than when “manjunk body wash” required us to make a purchase to enter their contest because, really, wouldn’t you rather have a new camera lens than something called manjunk?

Anyway, here’s my entry –

I got a new polarizing filter because I have been unable to make my blue skies look as blue as I want them for the past year. I’m glad I got it either way, but I’m definitely hopeful that I’ll be chosen as one of the three finalists because the prizes are all sweet. If I do, rest assured you will hear about it because I’ll need votes. Lots of votes.

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