One of Three Jolly Ranchers Finalists for $20,000

For the Jolly Ranchers “Crunch n’ Chew” assignment, my buddy Joseph had a brilliant idea – the winner of the contest is getting “hired” for $20,000 to make two more videos, so why not make an entry that lends itself to seeing what those next two videos would be?

We worked hard on a song and gave ourselves the name “Storytime Adventure Club” (because, you know, storys. And also adventure.) and now our video is one of the three finalists. There’s a public vote going on, but fortunately this is the easiest vote ever – no email or registration required, just a click on the link and a vote for “Bart the Bold.” Try it – click on that giant picture below us and see the magic that happens when you vote for me!

Screenshot of the voting page on
Vote for "Bart the Bold" daily.

Also, since it’s so easy, if you’ve EVER wanted to pass on a vote, this is the one to do. That and also the video kicks ass. Don’t you want to find out what happens if he visits the fluffy animal playground?!?!

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