Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | February 28, 2012

Website Builds Amazing Traffic with Alien Toy Song Video

“Website builds amazing traffic with alien toy song video!” is what the headlines will read if:

a) This video somehow wins the video contest, and

b) Somehow alien toys become the new big thing in web advertising leading to an unforeseen and massive uptick in traffic to their site.

I’m not necessarily holding out hope that either of those things will happen, BUT I really like the song and the marimbas I used made me think of aliens, and aliens make me think of responsible credit card use, so I went ahead and made this just before the deadline ends (in 6 hours.) I titled it “ Alien Future Great Deal Wow.” (click the picture to see the video.)

Joel with two alien toys

I’m thinking of doing a Director’s Cut which features the other 30 minutes of footage I have of me running around behind these alien toys. If I do, I will take bets to see if anyone can physically stand watching it for that long. 6:1 against.

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