The Better Cooking Show by Joseph Binetti

Fidelity Investments is running a contest for SXSW with Mofilm, and the assignment is simple – show how you can make something better. Since all of my personal ideas involve making things worse, I was happy to work with frequent collaborator and Jake Gyllenhaal lookalike, Joseph Binetti.

Joseph has apparently always wanted to see a cooking show that involves a pretty girl, no close-ups, a foul-mouthed puppet and easy to cook cuisine, though the word “cuisine” might be a little much. To that end, we created The Better Cooking Show. (click the picture to have your mind blown.)

Joel sits on a couch, paunch a little too clear on camera.
Let’s hope it’s the camera that added those ten pounds around my stomach.

Did you notice a certain blue haired, foul-mouthed puppet? He’s appeared in so many videos recently I’ve created a new category to organize posts on this site. We’ll see if he ends up getting used more or less than the “sandcastles” category. I’m guessing it’ll be a push.

2 thoughts on “The Better Cooking Show by Joseph Binetti”

  1. Hey Joel. You’re stepping up the production values in a way I never thought I’d see you do. Great job. I have to tell you though, the funniest gag in the vid was when the cat decided it was time to cleanse itself.

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