Brokeback Mountain Contest Entry: A Story of Unrequited (contest) Love

Sometimes people write to me and ask me to enter their video contests, and sometimes I do it. A few weeks ago I got an invitation to participate in a “Movie Moments” contest, in which you pick one of 7 existing movie quotes and reshoot them. Normally I wouldn’t have been too interested, but one of the movie lines was “I wish I knew how to quit you,” from Brokeback Mountain, and it just so happens that friend and frequent collaborator Joseph Binetti looks SO FUCKING MUCH LIKE JAKE GYLLENHAAL IT’S CRAZY. Here’s the original, followed by our entry.

I’m serious, you guys. Pause it when it’s on both of their faces yelling, tell me they don’t look alike.

I thought the entry period went throughout February, but the last two days of the month are apparently for “finalist selection.” I wrote and begged that they reconsider (if they had let me in it would have officially been a Leap Day Miracle.) But voting is live and we haven’t been accepted. The bad news is, no chance at an HD TV. The good news is, we captured this classic moment of cinema for eternity. You’re welcome, internet.

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