The (slightly incomplete) Musical History of Milk

If you are one of the many people who turn to this site for help with your 8th grade homework assignment, and if you have been assigned to write about the history of milk – be forewarned! Watching this video will probably not help you do any better than a B+.

If, however, you are coming to fill your loving cup with milk, animation and 45 second musical ditties, boy oh BOY have you come to the right place! I was excited about working with Ross Bollinger, the pencil behind the “Pencilmation” animation videos you may have seen on youtube (or on this site). Click the picture or link below to see what we came up with: (PS – there is a voting component – if you have a Zooppa account or extra time on your hands and want to vote on this, you are cordially invited to!).


A pharaoh stands next to two chefs holding up a papyrus scroll with a jug of low fat milk on it.

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