Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | April 18, 2012

Discount Tire Redux: The Return of Discount Tire sans Jewfro

The awesomest thing about Poptent as a video contest hosting site is that brands can choose to make more than just one video their “grand prize winner.” In the case of our Discount Tire entry (created with MC Mr Napkins), they came back a full 14 months later and decided to purchase!

There were a few hilarious caveats, though, requiring a reshoot. One, they were hoping Zach could do something less insane with his hair. Fortunately, he got a hair cut a few months back so that was cool. And secondly, “is there a way to tone down his chest hair?” Apparently the abominable Jewish isn’t what tire companies are wanting to sell their products, so an undershirt was instituted, a reshoot was reshot, and with any luck you will begin to see this video on ESPN2 or SPEED network or something!

Before and After shot:

Zach with lots of hair. Zach with less hair.

Above, Zach's hair dominates the frame. Below, his nose and glasses take over.

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