The Discount Tire Song: Part Deux, the Redeux

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The awesomest thing about PoptentĀ as a video contest hosting site is that brands can choose to make more than just one video their “grand prize winner.” In the case of our Discount Tire entry (created with MC Mr Napkins), they came back a full 14 months later and decided to purchase! (2013 Note – Poptent went out of business a year later, failing to pay many creators money it owed them. So that sucked.)

There were a few hilarious caveats, though, requiring a reshoot. One, they were hoping Zach could do something less insane with his hair. Fortunately, he got a hair cut a few months back so that was cool. And secondly, “is there a way to tone down his chest hair?” Apparently the abominable hairball isn’t what tire companies are wanting to sell their products, so an undershirt was instituted, a reshoot was reshot, and with any luck you will begin to see this video on ESPN2 or SPEED network or something!

Before and After shot:

Zach with lots of hair. Zach with less hair.
Above, Zach’s hair dominates the frame. Below, his nose and glasses take over.

Can’t see the video, but you can hear the song right here:

What is Discount Tire?

Discount Tire is a company that sells tires and wheels for various vehicles online and in stores. They offer a range of brands, sizes and styles, as well as services like installation, rotation and balancing. They also have deals and rebates for customers to save money. You can visit their website at or find a store near you.

I had never used them before this contest. I have many times since, because they cover the life of your tires and also they’ll patch a tire for free even if you don’t buy from them, which is so awesome.

Are Discount Tire and Tire Discounters the same?

Discount Tire and Tire Discounters are not the same thing. They are two different companies that sell tires and wheels online and in stores. Discount Tire is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and has over 1,000 locations across the US. Tire Discounters is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has over 140 locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Georgia. According to Consumer Reports, Discount Tire has a higher customer satisfaction rating than Tire Discounters, but Tire Discounters offers more free perks like alignment checks and tire rotations.

What’s the best place to buy new tires?

OMG is this a loaded question. I’m not even answering. Probably Discount Tire.

Why can’t I see this video of the Discount Tire Rap Song?

When Poptent went out of existence, all of the many videos created on, by and for the site disappeared. This included a number of video contest entries, which is why you can’t see Zach and I doing this sick song about Discount Tire, but at least you can hear it.

Can I still hear the song somewhere?

Dude, are you not listening? I just said you could. Here’s the youtube link again.

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