How To Tie a Tie Easy Youtube Video And Other Things With Awesome Names

My brother and I created a new youtube station called Levinson Brothers with a different mandate than my happyjoel/contest winning youtube site. The expressed purpose of this station is to try to create videos that get youtube views and hopefully make some money that way (I think the guys on South Park called them internet dollars.)

This thought process has already led to the creation of the wildly successful video series “Kitty, Puppy, Baby” in which Kitty, Puppy and Baby make jokes that otherwise would be dying in our respective joke notebooks.

Now, based on some “how to get more views on youtube” videos I spent my saturday watching, I’ve decided to add an instructional component. I’m also attempting to “optimize” my title for google searching, hence the video title:

“How To Tie a Tie Easy Youtube Video, Learn To Tie A Tie, For Beginners, The Song.”

It actually does have some valuable tie tying information and if you follow the instructions, you will be able to tie a Prince Albert Tie Knot, a four-in-hand knot and a bow tie. It also teaches you to love again. Or at least maybe makes you laugh once or twice.


And it’s designed to be shared. If you know someone who’s heading to prom, a wedding, a funeral, a gala, a court date, a job interview, meeting the in-laws for the first time or any such thing, please show them the video so they can get it right. It’s important.

If you have other things you would like me to “how-to” with song, please leave your suggestions in the comment below.


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