Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | June 5, 2012

Jug Band Teaches Lesson About Not Wasting Money On Jug

For the “Oh Chuck! I blew my cash!” contest being held by Charles Schwab we were asked to explain a purchase we made that was less than stellar. I have made many such purchases in my life (my wife would say that my back inversion table was the worst $100 I ever spent, but she never enjoyed the spine-stretching goodness like I did!!!)

But I do have a very overpriced Musical Jug sitting under my desk in my garage that I thought would be the perfect thing to pull out and record. It’s up for vote for the next couple weeks, then from the top 20 vote getters the Charles Schwab folks will choose the top five winners, so if you’ve got the time and inclination to hear a daily jug solo, head on over and vote by clicking the image below.

Joel with Jug singing.

Click this picture to watch the video and vote. Daily, please.

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