Luxury Hotels and Good Bread Around the World

So there are these things called Niche websites that people make. And they use them as a side hustle. And I was joking with someone that all I really want on Earth is a website that tells me where I can get amazing bread when I travel, and whether I’m supposed to try the “rye” or the “knokbrod” or the “pao de queijo” in one city or another, and then find a 5 star hotel within walking distance to go take a nap.

And then I looked around, and I realized that website doesn’t exist. So I made it: is (as far as I can tell) the only website on Earth designed exclusively for the kind of person who asks google “Where can I find the best bakeries in Stockholm and a 5 star hotel I can walk to after I’m full.”

If you’re anything like me, then you’re going to love it. If you are not anything like me, but you still like bread and luxury hotels, you may also love it. If you don’t like luxury hotels OR bread, I’m really not sure how you survive.

Why Luxury Hotels and Good Bread?

  1. I have been lucky enough to travel a ton – first with my contest winning, sometimes with my songleading, and then also by just making it a priority.
  2. I have traveled different ways – I have traveled on a zero dollar budget, working from place to place to get there. I have also traveled and visited luxury hotels, usually at someone else’s expense, often using points and miles to hack, but still I’ve done it. And I can say this objectively:

It is usually better to stay in luxury hotels than it is to stay in not luxury hotels.

Luxury hotels make you feel nice. Shitty motels do not. Also, I have found there is WAY less chance of getting bed bugs in luxury hotels. There just is. They pay for that little thingy that wraps around the mattress and makes you feel safe. I love that thingy.

And 3 (which I can’t make be a 3 because I don’t understand how to correctly do wordpress)

  1. Good bread is really good and makes you happy unless you are obsessed about avoiding carbs and hate yourself.

If you enjoy being alive like I do, then there is a 99% chance you also enjoy an amazing piece of bread and butter. Or a fantastic pastry with a good coffee.

I came here for contests – why are you talking about luxury hotels and good bread?

Because those are literally the two most important things on Earth maybe. After family and health. And finding a purpose. Also religion for some people.

But you know what’s better than being healthy and surrounded by your family?

Doing it while eating good bread within walking distance of a luxury hotel in some kicks city you’ve always wanted to see.

So that’s it. Head on over to if you give a damn about either of those things.

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