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Hi, I’m Joel Moss Levinson, and over the past decade and a half I have entered (and won) a ton of contests. Video contests, text contests, some photo contests, some “idea” contests and more. If you want, I’m happy to help you win some. But right now, I just wanted to make a list somewhere so if I die tomorrow my kids will be able to see all the things I did. It’s actually pretty hilarious to me!

Joel Moss Levinson has won 102 contests and is the worlds most winning video contest entrant of all time.

I’m definitely gonna add some affiliate links to this page at some point? But for right now, I just wanna get the list up cause this thing is bananas. I’ve organized them by company and sort of “department” that the competition was hosted under. For context, this does not include any sweepstakes winning, because I don’t typically enter sweepstakes (though I’ve started to change that recently just to see what happens if I enter 5 per day for a whole year, whether or not it’s fun and pays off, I’ll let you know!)

Travel Video Contests

These may not be the most valuable, but they have been the most fun. I love travel and seeing the world, and winning a free trip somewhere feels about 100x better than paying for a trip somewhere.

  • Best Western Rewards,
  • Conde Nast,
  • Singapore Tourism,
  • Bahamas Tourism,
  • Delta Airlines,
  • Hyatt,
  • California Tourism,
  • Lindblad Expeditions,
  • homeAway.com
  • iStopover.com
  • CheapCaribbean.com
  • Osceola County, Florida (Decade of Kissimee)

Food Video Contests

I think about food a lot. I talk about footd a lot. In fact, we were just hanging out with people this weekend and they were kind of shocked that we kept trying to have conversations about food.

  • Jolly Ranchers,
  • Klondike Bars,
  • Nature Valley Granola Bars,
  • Soupman,
  • Sandia Watermelon,
  • Planet Smoothie,
  • Red Robin,
  • Manischewitz,
  • Cheerios,
  • GoGoSqueeze,
  • Vitamin Water,
  • Hellmann’s,
  • Lindsay Olives,
  • Ninja
  • McDonalds
  • Campbell’s

Alcohol Video Contests

You must be over 21 to buy Alcohol in Amerca, or 18

Office Supplies & Professional Products

  • 3M Post It Notes,
  • Taxslayer.com,
  • Quicken Loans,
  • Shipster,
  • Staples (ink)

Content Creator Video Contests

  • Audible,
  • Conde Nast (magazine),
  • Budget Travel (magazine)
  • RWest,
  • National Geographic,
  • Tongal, Nickelodeon,
  • Parentally, 

Organizations Hosting Video Contests

  • American National Cattlewomen,
  • Got Milk,
  • The Israel Project,
  • NASA,
  • FairVote,
  • UpgradeDemocracy,
  • Paper From Portugal,
  • National Institute of Standards & Technology,
  • BBB (better business bureau,
  • Bathroom Recycling,
  • ATA Telemedicine,

Personal Products Video Contests

These are one of the most common types of contests to find, because these are all relatively established brands just trying to find a way to reconnect to their audience.

  • Organix South,
  • Simply Saline,
  • Trojan Condoms,
  • Lifestraw,
  • Church & Dwight,
  • Simply Saline,
  • Waterpik Showerheads,
  • Barkbox,
  • Tide,
  • Jacuzzi Toilets,
  • National Vision,
  • Zest,
  • Deuce Spruce
  • Gillette
  • Luv’s

House & Home Video Contests

  • Ace Hardware
  • DAP
  • AT&T
  • Michael’s
  • The Container Store

Automotive Video Contests

  • Discount Tire
  • Kelley Blue Book (KBB)
  • Turtle Wax
  • Shell
  • Checkered Flag Hyundai

Toys Video Contests

  • Lego
  • Barbie
  • Build-a-Bear Workshop
  • Max Barcelona

Sports Video Contests

The NFL shop was with my wife while she was pregnant, that was a cool one.

  • NFL Shop
  • Reebok

Random Products Video Contests

I have no idea how to classify “Yara Nutriox” which (if memory serves) helps make a product that makes city sewers smell less.

  • Lifestraw
  • Eleuke
  • Quicken Loans
  • Yara Nutriox
  • Farmer’s Insurance
  • AT&T
  • Eastern Bank
  • Firehouse Cooks

Software & Technology Video Contests

Do Game Shows count? Probably not?

  • Jeopardy (3rd place)
  • Wheel of Fortune (2nd place)

Want help with your video contest? (running one, or entering one?)

If you’re thinking of entering a video contest and want advice or guidance, you can hire me to give you some. Warning that I only win about 1 out of every 10.
If you’re hosting a video contest and want it to be more successful, I can help with that too.

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