“Little Penguin” is Wine. It’s also cute Penguins (in Australia!)

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In 2008 I created a video contest entry to win a prize from Little Penguin wines. It was the first (and only) contest I won for an all-expense paid trip to Australia, and it holds a super special place in my heart. Part of that prize was a winery tour, so I’m also pretty well-equipped to tell you if you should try Little Penguin wines – spoiler alert, they gave me a trip to Australia so you’d better BELIEVE I’m gonna tell you yes! Also, it’s really, really cheap wine so you can drink a lot of it! And it has a picture of a penguin, so even though it doesn’t do anything for the ACTUAL Little Penguins, like conservation or anything, it still makes you feel good!

What is Little Penguin Wine?

For this answer, I turned to ChatGPT and asked it to answer in the style of Paul Reiser.

You know what Little Penguin Wine is? It’s a wine that’s made by little penguins. No, I’m kidding. It’s not made by little penguins. It’s made by big penguins. No, I’m kidding again. It’s not made by any penguins. It’s made by humans. Humans who love penguins. And wine. And penguin wine. Little Penguin Wine is a brand of Australian wines that has all kinds of flavors, like Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot, you name it. They named it after the little penguins that live in Australia and New Zealand. You know what they call them there? Faerie penguins. Faerie penguins! How cute is that? They’re so cute and tiny and blue. They’re like the Smurfs of the sea. Little Penguin Wine wants to make you feel like a faerie penguin when you drink their wine. Happy and free and blue.

ChatGPT in the style of Paul Reiser

What are Australia’s Little Penguins?

(Factual answer alert) Australia’s little penguins (Eudyptula minor) are the smallest species of penguin in the world, measuring only about 33 cm in height and weighing around 1 kg. They have slate-blue plumage on their backs and white bellies, and they live in colonies along the southern coastlines of Australia and New Zealand. They are also known as faerie penguins or blue penguins because of their size and color. They feed on small fish, squid and krill, and they nest in burrows or under rocks. They are nocturnal and return to their colonies at dusk after a day of fishing.

What is your winning video about?

I took all the greatest pick-up lines I could think of (etc. in my pants, wanna ______ and get pizza what’s the matter you don’t like pizza, ever been with etc.) and converted them so they were either about penguins, or filled with penguin and fish and ocean puns. The judges loved it, and the voters loved it, allowing me to win the contest.

Can we see the video that helped you win a trip to Australia?

Of course! It’s labeled as for adults so you may need to watch on Youtube if you’re not signed in.

What types of Little Penguin Wines Are there?

  • Little Penguin Chardonnay.
  • The Little Penguin Pinot Noir.
  • Little Penguin Cabernet Sauvignon. … 
  • Little Penguin Merlot. … 
  • The Little Penguin Shiraz. … 
  • Little Penguin Cab/Merlot. … 
  • Little Penguin Shiraz Cabernet.
  • Little Penguin Shiraz/Cab.

Is Little Penguin Chardonnay any good?

Little Penguin Chardonnay is a great, cheap wine from Australia if you’re looking for that Australian Chardonnay taste. I love it!

What company makes Little Penguin wines?

Little Penguin wine is produced by Treasury Wine Estates, a global wine company that owns over 70 wine brands from different regions and countries. Treasury Wine Estates was founded in 2011 as a spin-off from Foster’s Group, a leading Australian beverage company. Some of the other well-known wine brands under Treasury Wine Estates include Penfolds, Beringer, Lindeman’s (see below for images of the winery), Wolf Blass and Rosemount Estate.

Is it worth visiting any vineyards in Australia?

Oh hell yeah it is!

  • Drunk on wine in Australia thanks to Little Penguin wines

Australia is one of the world’s largest wine producers and exporters, with over 60 wine regions and more than 2,400 wineries. Australia offers a diverse range of wines, from cool-climate Pinot Noir and Riesling to warm-climate Shiraz and Chardonnay. Some of the most famous wine regions in Australia include Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, Margaret River, Yarra Valley and McLaren Vale. Visiting any of these vineyards can be a rewarding experience for wine lovers, as they can enjoy scenic landscapes, taste premium wines, learn about the history and culture of winemaking, and meet passionate winemakers.

What did I win?

Trip to Australia. Since it was founded by criminals I took a giant set of iron chains and this prisoner outfit.

Australia was founded by prisoners so Joel stands in a prisoners costume in front of the Sydney Opera House

I also won

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