Joel Moss Levinson

In 2008, Joel Moss Levinson became the first person in the world to make his living exclusively from winning online video contests. For 4 years, he has been supporting himself and now his wife and child with his funny, often musical and frequently goofy videos. He’s been featured on the front page of the New York Times, been a guest on the Tonight Show and been profiled in news sources from Gawker to CBS News with Katie Couric (this video is no longer available but you can read the article because I’m now so old I’m older than videos on the internet).

In addition to cash, Joel’s won all-expense paid trips to Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Dubai, Budapest, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Arctic Svalbard, Aruba, Antarctica and more. The only continent Joel hasn’t won an all-expense paid trip to yet is Africa (UPDATE: now he has) He’s won grand prizes in over 75 contests by blending his fast paced comedy, musical ability and work both behind and in front of the camera.

Now Joel’s primary focus is as a writing partner with his brother and co-creator Stephen Levinson. Together, they’ve created web series featuring comedy stars Marc Maron, Jonathan Katz, Maria Bamford, Bob Balaban and more.

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