“Little Penguin” is Wine. It’s also cute Penguins (in Australia!)

In 2008 I created a video contest entry to win a prize from Little Penguin wines. It was the first (and only) contest I won for an all-expense paid trip to Australia, and it holds a super special place in my heart. Part of that prize was a winery tour, so I’m also pretty well-equipped …

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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who voted through the Jolly Rancher fiasco! We are waiting to hear who the recipient will be of the $17,500 and hopefully we’ll have a chance to finish Bart the Bold’s adventures. In the meantime, see any video contests I should be entering? If so, email me ¬†joelmoss …

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My First Battenburg

My First Battenburg, a photo by happyjoelmoss on Flickr. After getting addicted to the Jasper Fforde series of Thursday Next novels, I couldn’t help but try to make a Battenburg cake. It turned out well, and just like you’d expect with English cake, ridiculously, tooth-numbingly sweet. But it looks nice, right?!

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