Learn from the world's

Greatest Contest WINNER

And also the greatest contest loser in history. I've won over 100. I've lost over 1000. I've lost on Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, too.
I'm here to share what I know, learn, do, think and try.

Joel's Latest Blog Posts

These blogs are filled with the stories of those wins, and those losses. All the products I've shilled for, all the companies I've catered to, and all the stuff I'm learning along the way. Let's hang out!
(please note - this website contains affiliate links literally everywhere because they don't cost you anything and they could make me a bazillionaire.)

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About Joel

I’m the world’s all-time champion at winning – and losing – contests – over 100 so far. I’ve won trips to all seven continents, 2 cars, a honeymoon, millions of miles and points, lifetime supplies of products and more. I’m also the biggest loser in history, losing over 1000 contests – plus Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.

You may have seen me in The New York Times or on The Tonight Show for winning. No one ever talks to me about losing but that’s what I’m proudest of. 

Buy me!

I have made my fortune by shilling for products - sometimes for less than the price of a chocolate milk. If you have a product you want to sell, chances are I'll shill for it.
I'm also available for speaking engagements to teach your team how to be winners.

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