I went to NYC and got my Giant Novelty Check

Giant Novelty Check

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I went to New York City for what was one of the strangest and most wonderful weekends of my life. I got this enormous check, which was the most fun enormous thing I’ve ever gotten in my life. (beating out an enormous, novelty toothbrush and an enormous novelty baby bottle by a ton.)

Since I got to bring a +1 on the trip as I do with so many of these trips, I decided to continue to try to spread the love among my friends. This is my buddy Phil, who I met at summer camp in Malibu about 6 years ago. Besides being awesome, he has always been super-supportive of me and my comedy and alternative-esque lifestyle. (read – straight, but unusual.)

So when he told me that he wasn’t going to be having a bachelor party before his wedding in early October, I was understandably concerned. And then when I found out the dates of this trip, I decided he’d be perfect to bring along for the following reasons:
a) He’s awesome and I figured would be fun to travel with.
b) We had money to blow, which is the ideal setting for a bachelor party.
c) He is a total comedy nerd like me, and would also be really excited about meeting the Lonely Island guys. Who, I must say, couldn’t have been awesomer to us both.

All in all, the weekend was totally perfect in every way with the slight exception that I got word my Nesquik “Happyplace” video was relegated to a 2nd place finish, resulting in merely a month’s supply of Nesquik bottles. Still an excellent way to bring in the Jewish New Year.

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