Me & Great Barrier Reef, We Belong Together

The contest being hailed as “The Greatest Job in the World,” was announced a couple weeks ago, and by far, they did the best press job of any contest yet. Besides it being linked to through both CNN and the BBC, it was wide-spread enough that I got 25 emails within the first day from friends and family telling me to check out the video contest and apply.

The basic prize is (and basic is a terrible word to use for something this awesome):

* 6 months in a 3 bedroom villa on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef

* $100,000

And for both of those, you have the responsibility of blogging regularly about how awesome all the different aspects of the great barrier reef are.

What they wanted was a video saying why you’d be the best person for the job. As predictable, the vast majority of the other entries I’ve seen have been a lady or a dude sitting in front of their webcam reading an essay. So I tried something with a little more effort:

To see the video on it’s home site, (which you should totally do to help me get some nice views and votes,) click  “Joel, United States

You’re going to see this video posted periodically with more details, but since it’s a friday, we’ll just leave it at this. Have a nice weekend.

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