Video Contest for iFart, the iPhone’s leading fart app

This contest has been out for awhile and the deadline period is running close to an end. I wasn’t sure what to do for it until today, when this song popped in my head. Then when I was done recording it and I was listening back, I found myself dancing to it, so I basically made that the video. Check it out – 

As an ironic twist, I decided to do the entire video full of jokes ABOUT farting, but technically without using one fart joke – I thought it would add another layer of humor for those who notice. If it did, great. If you didn’t notice, that’s okay, too.

I made a mistake when I was filming that I normally never make with this one – I didn’t check the time limits before making the song and video, so I had to come back and trim off 24 seconds from various parts of the original tune, but I’m happy with the version that I ended up with – particularly with the use of special effects and bare-chest based dancing.

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