Good News/Bad News Contest Entries

First the bad news:
After weeks of bothering everyone we know, and my first ever sincere attempt at a nice, loving video – I found out today that we lost the “Invest in Your Love” contest to win a trip to Tahiti.

Now the good news:
I haven’t said where I was for the past few days because I didn’t want it to ruin our chances at winning Tahiti – but right now Randi and I are on an all-expense paid trip thru Singapore thanks to the video I made for the F1 race! Makes it a lot easier to take the bad news when you hear it halfway around the world in an incredible new city!

More on the Good – this trip has been incredible. I’ve never been to a formula 1 race before, and it is very loud. Also, this city is clean as hell, the tourist board put us up in an awesome hotel, is feeding us like royalty, and packing our short trip here with TONS of stuff (more pictures to follow in a few days when I’m back in the states to upload them.)

It is illegal to not flush the toilet in a public bathroom here which is tough for me because I’m all “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” environmentalist, but I’m happy to oblige. I’m also trying to read as much as possible about Singapore while I’m here to study up for Jeopardy try-outs this fall. Hope it helps!

Oh, and apparently chewing gum isn’t TOTALLY illegal. You just have to have a doctor’s prescription!

More on the bad – just got the email this morning, and they were very sweet in saying they liked the video and the work I put into getting votes, but it wasn’t the judges favorite. Since there are still future rounds to enter, I think I’m going to make another video that goes back to my normal style – singing, goofy, fun instead of serious, and see if that increases my chances next time around.

I was just telling Randi – normally, when a contest is over and you lose, that’s it. Last chance. I’m really excited that for the Tahiti contest, I can try again, make another video, and use it as a chance to improve and learn, and hopefully earn another awesome trip!

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