Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | October 5, 2009

Finalist in Two New Contests, Voting Starts Today

This morning I received two emails, about 2 hours apart, that I am a finalist in two contests. Both require votes, which reminds me – I’ve got to stop entering contests that require votes because I think I am really starting to annoy people.

The first one is for $1000, and I think the video is cute. I definitely think it’s the most entertaining of the 6 finalists. This contest requires you to make a video about Stacey Mayo’s “One Minute Meditation” and how it works for you. NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED so please vote for me below:

Joel Levinson – One Minute Meditation

The second contest, I honestly only entered for the consolation prize to the first 100 entries, and never expected to win, but apparently my painfully fake sneeze cuts it, and I am a finalist in the “side-splitting sneeze” contest. The prize is a spa-weekend getaway, and I want you to see something. First, the little amount of work I put into my video:

Now, the mind-blowing amount of pyro-technic work used in this other finalist entry (why these two dudes want a spa-weekend getaway so much is beyond me, but here it is)

Feel free to vote for either video by visiting the  Side-Splitting Sneeze Contest (registration required to vote).


  1. Hello! Did I miss it – or was there no announcement yet on who won the Rodney Dangerfield contest? I thought it would be announced 10/5/09. Status??

    • I got in touch with the winners yesterday to tell them they won via their youtube accounts, I am posting a blog featuring the winning videos today.

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