Dinner now that I’m a parent

Guinness and Puffins.

Should I be surprised that it looks EXACTLY like dinner back when I was a bachelor?

The one major improvement is that I’m down to 1% milk instead of 2% milk – because now I’ve got a family to think of! I can’t go around splurging on an extra percent like some kind of gadabout!

1 thought on “Dinner now that I’m a parent”

  1. Joel, capture some CUs during your shoot. It will make the great writing sell it self during the edit. Close-ups of everything (faces, hand-cuffs etc.). It gives the viewer more eye-candy. You are doing yourself a great disservice by lingering interminably on those boreing medium shots. They are great establishing shots, but you need to go someplace else with the edit as the music/story develops. Just trying to help here. Considering our volatile history I don’t expect/need you to post this. I have always recognized you as a humongous raw talent with the need to grow/expand. Hope my kick in your ass can help you do so.

    You need to grow and expand or extinction is your fate. You would be too great a freelance talent to suffer that fate.


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