My favorite videos – including many that didn’t win.

As I got the sad news that my video “Infant Accountant” was not selected for this years winner (they apparently wanted videos that were more like an ad) it makes me reflect on the fact that not only do I lose plenty, sometimes I lose with videos I thought were great (and poor Mort, his first starring role, I really wanted him to get to taste victory).

Anyway, I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to revisit my favorite videos of all time, most of which didn’t win doodley.

First, the aforementioned Infant Accountant

The hard-rocking a capella anthem of Linux, the video that gets by far the nerdiest youtube comments of all:

This lovely costume inspired piece about Slydial – the service that allows you to dial straight to someone’s voicemail:

The silliest concept ever for a contest was when the organization “Psoriasis Cure Now” issued their call – for comedy videos. It took forever to figure out any way to approach that concept with comedy, but finally I came up with the idea of a metal song that just reads their actual rule pages about how painful psoriasis can be. As a penguin:

And to round out the top five, here’s one to push for the Green progress being driven by Environment Texas:

Honestly, looking back on it all, I guess I can see why some of them didn’t win. Though if I was running an organizations media department, rest assured that they all would be on TV. All the time. Especially that penguin, that penguin rocks.

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