Arby’s is looking for a Spokesman

You wanna know the biggest difference between Southern California and Ohio for someone who enters video contests?

If you’re in Southern California and you walk into a restaurant and ask if you can film some stuff for a video contest, they will tell you to speak to the shift manager. The shift manager will tell you they have to talk to the store manager, who will then tell you he has to call the corporate offices. Then the corporate offices will explain that they’d love to help, but they can’t without getting permits and/or insurances.

In Ohio, they just say yes and wish you good luck. That’s how I was able to make this entry for the Arby’s Casting Call conference with every possible angle of an Arby’s sign I could ever have wanted.

My friend David helped me by filming this, and in exchange, he got a free meal consisting of:

  • 1 Beef n’ Cheddar
  • 1 ‘Shroom n’ Swiss
  • 2 Regular Roast Beef Sandwiches
  • 1 Medium Curly Fries
  • 1 Water (I couldn’t in good conscience let him put a soda on top of all the rest.)

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