My Big Fat Greek Birthday Party (And Contest Entry)

Sterling Vineyards is hosting a video contest looking for the best person to put on a party, or “HOST,” as we call it in the industry. They are selecting one finalist from each of four rounds, and I used my birthday party as a way to get a house full of people and have them fill my video for Round #2, the “Foodie Movie,” round.

I worked VERY hard all day cooked kebabs, spanakopita, baklava (okay, I bought the baklava) and generally Greek-ing out on all things Greek to go pair together wine, food and the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Now, I don’t think this is the most ELEGANT party ever assembled, but what I wanted most was to show that I could host a party and make it FUN. I think we nailed it, and at least I had a kickass birthday party out of it!


UPDATE: It only took me two days to find out this lost. Bummer!

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