Noah’s Ark: The Animated Series?

Almost two years ago now, my brother and I began working on an idea for an animated show called Noah’s Ark. Here is a piece (*click the image to see it on FunnyOrDie)
Noah's Ark by happyjoelmoss

In a nutshell, it occurred to us that even though the bible kind of “glosses over” 40 days and 40 nights of rain, and another 200 days of floating on the Ark, that shit was probably pretty hilarious. Because honestly, it boils down to the story of the man with the crappiest job in the history of time, the most demanding boss ever who’s always changing his mind, getting sea-sick on a boat with a bunch of fucking, crapping animals who didn’t get to pick the mate they would be repopulating the Earth with. HILARIOUS!

So we did everything we could to make it happen, including getting two of our favorite comics from childhood, Jonathan Katz (otherwise known as Dr. Katz) and Marc Maron to be God and Noah. We made a few clips and pieces of a web series like episode in hopes that someone else sees the potential of this idea and gives us a billion dollars to make more of them (or, failing that, how about a few thousands and a development deal???)

In the meantime, after a long period of not being able to share it because of theoretical interest, it’s exciting to be able to show this video that we are super proud of so give it a watch, call it funny, then share it with your friends because they will think it’s cool if you showed it to them first before it’s been seen 50,000,000 times.

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