Posted by: Joel Moss Levinson | September 9, 2008

Happyjoel complaining about my job for

Okay, I know that I don’t have a lot to complain about with this job – but since the contest was “Vent Your Way to a Get-a-way” for, and you have to complain about your job to win $4000 for an “ultimate vacation,” I can come up with something.

I should wait to tell people about this contest, because I’ve been hitting them so hard for votes on Klondike and Southwest, and this one doesn’t end will October 15th. But the tricky thing is, this is the week I’m supposed to find out about the $100,000 Klondike prize, and if I am begging for votes for this 4K after winning 100K, I’m going to look like a real douchebag. I think. No, I’m sure of it.

As for what I’d do with the $4000 for an ultimate vacation, I was thinking Africa, because:

1) If I get there for free, it will be all 7 continents for free by the end of the year, and

2) While that kind of money would be a good week in Paris, it would be 2 months of 5 star living in Ghana!

So if you have a chance, and you read this – go ahead and vote. Yes it requires registration, but this memelabs company is really good about not inundating you with spam or anything, so go ahead, do your good deed.

PS – a notice to anyone who does PR or marketing and reads this – the blurred/pixelated concept of this contest is a TERRIBLE way to drive traffic to your site and viewership up. Entry

(I had the video up, but it keeps going on auto-play, so just click the link to see it)


  1. Good thing you got that up before YOU WON THE FUCKING KLONDIKE CONTEST!!!!!!!!! Congratulations brotha!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Whoever is doing the embed codes for these contest videos: stop turning on auto-play (it was the same way on the Klondike contest video), it’s freakin’ annoying as shit!

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