Happyjoel complaining about my job for CareerBuilder.com

Okay, I know that I don’t have a lot to complain about with this job – but since the contest was “Vent Your Way to a Get-a-way” for CareerBuilder.com, and you have to complain about your job to win $4000 for an “ultimate vacation,” I can come up with something.

I should wait to tell people about this contest, because I’ve been hitting them so hard for votes on Klondike and Southwest, and this one doesn’t end will October 15th. But the tricky thing is, this is the week I’m supposed to find out about the $100,000 Klondike prize, and if I am begging for votes for this 4K after winning 100K, I’m going to look like a real douchebag. I think. No, I’m sure of it.

As for what I’d do with the $4000 for an ultimate vacation, I was thinking Africa, because:

1) If I get there for free, it will be all 7 continents for free by the end of the year, and

2) While that kind of money would be a good week in Paris, it would be 2 months of 5 star living in Ghana!

So if you have a chance, and you read this – go ahead and vote. Yes it requires registration, but this memelabs company is really good about not inundating you with spam or anything, so go ahead, do your good deed.

PS – a notice to anyone who does PR or marketing and reads this – the blurred/pixelated concept of this contest is a TERRIBLE way to drive traffic to your site and viewership up.

Careerbuilder.com Entry

(I had the video up, but it keeps going on auto-play, so just click the link to see it)

What’s the best website when looking for a job?

There are many websites that can be helpful when looking for a job, and the “best” one can depend on your industry, location, and personal preferences. Here are a few popular job search websites:
LinkedIn Jobs:
Remember that job search websites are just one tool in your job search toolbox. It’s also important to network, reach out to contacts, and tailor your resume and cover letter for each job you apply to.

What job search websites are there?

There are many job search websites available, each with its own unique features and job postings. Here are some popular job search websites:
Indeed: It is one of the most popular job search engines that aggregate job listings from various sources.
LinkedIn: A professional networking platform that also offers job listings and career advice.
Glassdoor: A website that provides job listings, company reviews, and salary information.
Monster: A job board with a large number of job listings from various industries.
CareerBuilder: A job board that provides job listings and career advice.
SimplyHired: A job search engine that aggregates job postings from various sources.
ZipRecruiter: A job search engine that matches job seekers with job postings.
Snagajob: A job board that specializes in hourly jobs and part-time work.
Dice: A job board that focuses on tech and IT jobs.
USAJobs: The official job site for the United States federal government.

Who should do an online job search?

An online job search can be useful for anyone who is looking for a job, regardless of their qualifications or experience. Online job search platforms can be especially helpful for individuals who are:

Just starting their job search:

Online job search platforms offer a wealth of information and resources for those who are just beginning their job search journey.

Looking for a job in a specific industry or field:

Online job search platforms allow job seekers to filter their search results by industry or field, making it easier to find job postings that match their skills and experience.

Unable to attend in-person job fairs or interviews:

Online job search platforms offer a convenient way for job seekers to connect with potential employers and apply for jobs from the comfort of their own homes.

Seeking remote or work-from-home opportunities:

Online job search platforms often have a wide range of remote job opportunities available, making them a great resource for those who are looking for flexible work arrangements.
Overall, an online job search can be a valuable tool for anyone who is looking for a job and wants to explore a variety of opportunities in a convenient and efficient way.

Which roles are hiring the most in an online job search?

The roles that are hiring the most in an online job search can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the current job market, industry trends, and economic conditions. However, some of the most commonly advertised roles across different industries include the following:
Software developers and engineers
Data analysts and scientists
Sales representatives and account managers
Customer service and support specialists
Marketing and communications professionals
Healthcare professionals, including nurses and physicians
Education and training specialists
Administrative and office support staff
Finance and accounting professionals
Human resources and talent acquisition specialists

Where to upload my resume when looking for a job?

There are many places where you can upload your resume when looking for a job. Here are some popular options:
Job boards: Websites like Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn are job search engines where you can create a profile and upload your resume.

Company websites: Many companies allow you to create a profile and submit your resume on their websites.
Professional networking sites: LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with professionals in your industry and showcase your skills and experience.
Recruitment agencies: Recruitment agencies often have job listings and will ask you to submit your resume when you sign up with them.
Online portfolio: If you have a portfolio website or a blog, you can include your resume there as well.
It’s important to tailor your resume to each job you apply for and to ensure that it highlights your relevant skills and experience. Good luck with your job search!

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  1. Good thing you got that up before YOU WON THE FUCKING KLONDIKE CONTEST!!!!!!!!! Congratulations brotha!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. Whoever is doing the embed codes for these contest videos: stop turning on auto-play (it was the same way on the Klondike contest video), it’s freakin’ annoying as shit!

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