Shit for Free = Brand Loyalty

So P&G bought a song and video from me called “Shit for free” or, conversely, “Bleep for free.” Here it is:

The concept’s not bad – they want college kids to email this form to their parents to get them to buy stuff that otherwise college kids wouldn’t spend their own money (ie shampoo, fabric softener, etc.). And since I’ve kind of mastered the art of getting free shit and cheap shitty internet video, they thought I’d be a good person to do it.

What it really brings me to is a much bigger statement on brand loyalty as a concept for my generation, and here it is summed up in a nutshell:

“Give me shit for free, and I’ll use  your brand.” That’s basically it. For example, there’s good and bad shaving cream, but I will tend towards the free shaving cream over both. And guess what, no matter how good your brand is, I will probably give up on it as soon as someone else gives me better shaving cream.

It used to just be about that, but now, I look for more and more. My favorite brand of super-low-priced wine is the wine that send me to Australia, Little Penguin. My all time favorite snack is the one that is currently paying off my credit card debts and tastes great in the summer, Klondike bars. When I want something healthy to eat while I’m hiking, I turn to the only granola bar that is sending me to Antarctica, Nature Valley. 

So yeah, I think I do represent the modern consumer (if an extreme version of him/her.) And if you look through my bathroom right now, you will see an assload of P&G products – but those are going to run out eventually. So in case any other mega-companies are listening, I’m offering up my first born-non-boy to anyone ready to send me on a mission to moon/mars.

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