Mr. Watermelon, The Hardest Partying Fruit in the Business

Great news! Last night I found out that “Mr. Watermelon, Party Fruit,” was declared the first place winner of Sundia Watermelon’s video contest!

And for the record, this was definitely the most fun I’ve had making a video for a contest entry. I called up my buddy Jon Strauss and told him that I’d written a song about Watermelon, but it needed to be a party. He has a backyard with a pool and grill, so we grabbed a couple awesome party friends, I bought 7 watermelons, 48 cans of Tecate, and we headed to spend a day partying with the king of all fruits. 

For the record – I not only love watermelons, I believe my description of them as Party Fruit is totally accurate. Why? Because watermelon is the only fruit you must have friends to buy. Loners eat plums, hermits eat dried apricots, shut-ins stick with chex mix, and only people who like to get outside and party can get down watermelon style.

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