Presidential Palacio in Santiago with Me and Nadeevo

Just arrived in Santaigo, Chile, and it couldn’t be a more beautiful day. Nadeev and I hopped in a cab, and fortunately, his Spanish is good enough to make it feel like we aren’t getting screwed. We were headed to a market to eat, but passed by the Presidential Palace at the same time that the army was marching past – apparently it happens only twice a week.

Naturally, we jumped out of the cab, and followed the procession. A small changing of the guards ceremony happened, blah, blah – the important thing is that standing outside the courtyard, the band started playing. Not at all unusual for a military band to be playing, but it’s what they were playing – “We Are the World.”

I cannot explain on how many levels this was funny to me. I’ll just leave it that I was laughing out loud for 3 straight minutes (laughing at foreign military operations is probably not a good thing to do to build American reputations abroad.)

We’re back at the hotel for a quick siesta, then Lindblad/National Geographic cocktail party and welcome dinner tonight, and maybe to head out for a couple more beers for my 28th birthday (today.)

Also, very proud to announce that “Telecommunications is the Home of Funk” was announced as the winner today for’s contest, and Jon Golbe and I will be headed on all-expense paid, VIP passes to Austin, Texas in mid-march for South By Southwest Interactive! It’s gonna be awesome!!!

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