New Island, Rockhopper Penguins and Happyjoel

New Island

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Thanks to Nature Valley Granola bars and the modern miracle that is youtube, I spend today 4-5 feet from Rockhopper Penguin and Albatross on New Island, the westernmost inhabited island of the Falklands, and the largest Rockhopper Penguin colony in the world.

You cannot tell from my expression in this picture, but I was utterly awed and amazed by what I saw today. How could I not be. I spent hours sitting on the rocks, literally inches from these magnificent animals, in the middle of what is technically known, as nowhere.

And though I am not a religious man, it is a sunday, and I cannot help but be moved to think of our creator on such a day as this. As I know so many of my readers to be religious zealots, I thought I’d share this small prayer, on such an awe-inspiring occasion:

“Lord, in your infinite wisdom, you have seen fit to create such wonderful places on your Earth, complete with hilarious and adorable animals like the rockhopper penguin. Please, in your goodness, see fit to bring the Cleveland Browns a single super-bowl victory.”

And let us say… Amen.

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