SWM, 28, Krazy Glue Finalist, Need Votes to See Maui

The great news is that my song, “The Krazy Glue is Krazy Fast Theme Song,” is one of the top ten finalists to win a trip to Maui. It’s being decided by a public vote, and the best part is that their voting mechanism is EASY (Read: Doesn’t require name, address, email address and all the other things that no one wants to give out to stranger companies on the internet.)

Vote early and often to send me to Maui!!!
Vote early and often to send me to Maui!!!

One vote PER DAY from now till Dec 2nd, so bookmark it. Or just keep visiting this site, and click the link on the right for Krazy Glue. I’ll wait for you to vote today.



Great. Now that you’ve done that, I’ll get into one of the tricky things I’ve been thinking about in terms of contests – what level of reminder to give people for a daily vote that lasts three weeks. There’s different schools of thought. I could send out the daily reminders, which some people have actually requested, but which will DEFINITELY push some folks away. Or I can do the one big email and hope people take it on themselves.

For the moment, I’m working on the one email per week reminder, sent out on a monday to take maximum advantage of folks who are returning to a week of office work and looking for reasons to postpone the actual “work” part as long as possible, instead replacing it with a song about Glue, Metaphors, and Overalls. Though I’m still not sure if that’s the most effective.

Either way, send me to Maui.

Aside: I was at my buddy Phil’s wedding, and was really drunk by the time they tossed the bouquet. Phil said, “Whoever catches it gets a date with Joel.” Because I drink, and make decisions accordingly, I said, “Forget that, if I win the Krazy Glue contest, I’ll take whoever catches it to Hawaii!” Well, as great an idea as it was, the girl who caught it (and who is down to take the trip with me) is dating someone right now, and I’m just not cool with taking some dudes girlfriend on a trip to Hawaii because, let’s face it, there is no WAY I’m not making a move on a girl I’m taking for free to stand in front of a live volcano in Hawaii.

So yeah, I’ll pick someone single, but I’ve got to win first. That means I need your votes. And tell a friend. Thanks.

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  1. Haha, that was hilarious! Voted for ya twice already man, love your enthusiasm and great attitude, keep it up. I actually entered the Doritos contest too, but good luck to you. I’ll definitely keep voting for your stuff

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