Happyjoel on the Jay Thomas Radio Show

During the year and a half that I lived out of my car traveling around the country and singing songs for the BBYO kids, there is one thing that kept me sane above all others – Sirius Radio. The radio was so good that I could put in ten hours of driving in a day and still want to stay in the car and hear the end of a song or a story when I got where I was going.

After I got rid of my car, I unfortunately got rid of the Sirius radio, too. I know I could have kept it at home, but I can get radio on my computer for free at home, so I’ve just stuck with that.

This is a long winded, and totally unfun way of me saying how excited I am to be doing an interview with the Jay Thomas Show on Sirius today at 5:35 eastern time. If you are one of the people on Earth lucky enough to own a satellite radio, you should listen, and then tell me how it went. I’m on the same show as Kenny Mayne, too, the funniest man in professional sports coverage (with a nod to Tony Kornheiser as a distant second.)

Anyway, the interview is supposed to be 10-15 minutes long, which is great, because I like talking about myself, and I’m excited to talk about myself for as long as possible, with as many people listening as possible. It’s like therapy but without the bill. Or something.

And after you listen, and I wow you with stories of my life, don’t forget to come back to this page and click the Krazy Glue link on the right, to vote for me and send me to Maui. I needs that trip, bad.

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