Slydial Contest Entry, Using a Knight Costume

I was walking home yesterday down hollywood boulevard when I was overcome with the intense emotional need to blow money on a costume. Fortunately, Hollywood Boulevard is an excellent place for people with that habit/addiction, so I went into that big wig and costume place (the one by where the old fredrick’s used to be, like 4 blocks east of vine.) I looked around for awhile and finally decided to buy this Knight costume. I was inches away from blowing a full $80 on the all metal helmet, but my good sense told me the plastic would look fine on film.

It was after that I started thinking about what contest I could possibly enter using my new found costume. I picked the one by “Slydial.” Slydial is actually a brilliant idea. You call straight to someone’s voice mail so there is no risk of talking to them. What it has to do with Knights I have no idea, but here’s the video:

Basically on the walk home I kept thinking the phrase, “sorry I missed thee” and it made me laugh, so I made a whole video out of it. And also, now, I’m pretty sure that knights will be showing up as a regular character in future videos (a la penguins, dudes wearing overalls, and fake beards.)

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